Ambassador program

Ambassador program

Ambassador program

Conditions of participation

Conditions of participation

Conditions of participation

  1. Who can participate

    • Only people who have been personally invited by us and people who have successfully completed the application process can participate in the program as ambassadors.

    • In order to successfully complete the onboarding for the ambassador program, a profile with at least one video challenge must be created in the app unlikeany.

    • Ambassadors can start recruiting new users after we confirm that they have successfully set up their ambassador profile.

    • Ambassadors may lose their ambassador status if they have not recruited new users for more than one month.

    • We reserve the right to expel ambassadors from the program, even retroactively, if fraudulent behavior is suspected or either the ambassadors or the recruited persons do not comply with the community guidelines.

    • We reserve the right to pause or discontinue the ambassador program upon notice.

  2. Who can be recruited

    • Ambassadors are not allowed to create additional profiles in order to receive referral bonuses.

    • Only persons who live in Germany can be recruited.

    • Recruited users must create a profile in the app unlikeany.

    • The content of the profiles of the recruited users must comply with the community guidelines.

    • Users who currently have the app unlikeany installed or have had the app installed in the past may not be recruited.

    • Currently there is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made per ambassador.

  3. Payout of the referral rewards

    • Payouts can only be made via PayPal or Sepa bank transfer.

    • When paying out to an account outside of Germany, additional transaction fees may be charged by the payment providers.

    • Credit earned through referrals will expire after twelve months unless a payout is requested.

  4. Data protection

    • In order to be able to set up the Ambassador profile and make payouts, Ambassadors allow us with their participation in this program to store the following data: first name, birthday, telephone number, address, preferred payment method, bank details.